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Ganon's True Weak Spot :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 11 9 Comforting a friend. :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 18 17 Ink Manipulation :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 27 14 Wario's Ass-splosion! :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 20 13 The Faggotry of Cancer13 :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 12 37 Wario and Shantae :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 17 7 Burpio :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 9 4 My Nintendo Switch and stuff for it. :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 24 18 A teaser for Wario Land Garry's Mod 4 :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 27 24 If Nintendo owned Mega Man :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 24 13 Wario and the Digletts :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 18 8 Wacky Wario Bros. Picture Idea 2 :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 22 6 Wacky Wario Bros. Picture Idea 1 :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 17 19 Me high-fiving Decidueye! :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 16 10 Mario's Z-Power :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 20 31 My Troll-Face :iconomegamario89returns:OmegaMario89Returns 13 22


Wario stole mah Money! :iconinspectorheavy:InspectorHeavy 18 3 Link feels Annoyed by Fi :iconinspectorheavy:InspectorHeavy 8 2 Splatoon Kart Deluxe :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 12 7 OmegaMario89 Vs Dark Lord Octavio :iconzacksonic123:ZackSonic123 4 2 Goodbye TF2 Community :iconinspectorheavy:InspectorHeavy 22 11
WTF is wrong with the Society on the Internet?
2017 is starting really horribly i mean srsly!
Ellie gets alot of hate i dont wanna say who it is!
She didnt deserve this hate at all she is innocent towards us but the others are calling her Evil, a bitch or a slut!
I mean WTF is wrong with those people and the society on the Internet?
Those people who are forcing Ellie should back the fuck off of her!
She didnt deserve hate!
I am her boyfriend and i hear many hatred things from the others towards Ellie!
Also many are send death threats towards her!
This is just really retarded those people should go to the psychologist!
Cure themselfes from the inside and stay away from the internet!
Deviantart is becoming even more toxic ik its been toxic since years!
It's time to stop this DRAMA once and for all!
Leave Ellie alone she doesnt deserve any of this!
If she leave DA I leave aswell!
:iconinspectorheavy:InspectorHeavy 7 33
Outfit Changes :iconmrchaosok:MrChaosOK 4 0
My blessing for everyone!
I had so much fun with everyone I met for the first 2 years of Gmod animations, I wish that if all of us meet in real life...I will be super, extremely happy, and, most importantly, there wouldn't be a single day I would trade if I could talk with you guys. You guys are all pretty much my light, my happiness, my reason to strive, to live, and stay here, with all of you. I am honestly beyond grateful that I got meet you guys and honestly...I wish we could all do this every day. Talking with each other, having fun, messing around, and all of that other stuff. But for right now. I just want to live in this moment of pure peace, happiness, laughter and overall, friendship and love. I really love all of you guys and I wished that if all of us will meet in real life, my dream will soon come true. Even if I may not know you personally and may not have even met at all in general, I'm happy to see that the people here are so kind, caring and understanding. To all of these special and wonderful
:iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 11 18
My Backup. And My Blessings
Hey Guys. Listen Up. If My Account Gets Raided By Cyber-Bully Hacker Trolls, Then I Want Y'all To Watch My Backup Account Ok. It's Called BrianJackson2Returns. But Keep it on The Down Low Ok. I'm In A Lot Of Heat Right Now By Those Assholes So Please. Add My Backup Account Immediately so we can still be connected & still be in touched. ok. :D Thank You. I Love Y'all So Much. Peace. :D
PS Y'all Have My Blessings. I Love Everysingle One Of You.
I Love You
:iconbrianjacksonii:BrianJacksonII 2 8
Splatfest Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017
After the team wins the regular seasons, the playoffs has began. to win the tournament, u must beat the other team in each conference, here's all the team that THEY have to battle
Western Conference
:icongeoffman275: Vs :iconblueaviatoroctoling:
:iconbravebravesirbrian: Vs :iconinspectorheavy: and :iconblueflameocean18:
:iconalphaswan: Vs :iconbritheinkling:
:iconlizzietheratcicle: and :iconvioletinkling: Vs :iconxxfroggiefaithyxx: and :iconorangeinklingknight:
Eastern Conference
:iconlukesalmen904: Vs :iconrussellinkling: and :iconomegamario89returns:
:iconcherryblossomsnivy:, :iconviking-of-estonia:, and :icondeadmanwalking289: Vs :icontheyellowist: and :iconelkkun:
:iconkellenlegendary: and :iconthekenzai1987: Vs :iconerhu1234: and :iconagentandrew:
:iconwindyoverlord: and :icon123emilymason: Vs :iconcatdraculax05:, :iconrexlegendart:, and :iconcynicolea22:
Whoever gets to the Final, wins the Stanley Cup, Good Luck
:iconmachalcon13:Machalcon13 12 32
Derpy wish :iconmrmadness02:MrMadness02 23 2 Streaming with Friends :iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 16 3 La Royal Swans: Playing with the Big Boys :iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 15 2
Mature content
This is not gummi :iconblackinktoling:BlackInktoling 8 4
La Royal Swans Member: OmegaMario89 :iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 9 1 Nintendo Squish :iconlil-berry-babe:Lil-Berry-Babe 79 8



Ganon's True Weak Spot
Do you remember playing Smash Bros. Melee against a lvl 9 CPU Ganondorf, and he'll occasionally try his drop kick on you while you're away from him? It gives you an advantage to fire a projectile at him while he's vulnerable with his drop kick thus making it look like you hit him in the balls.

Everything (c) Nintendo
Comforting a friend.
What I found out on Discord is that :iconerhu1234: has be to away from the internet for a while due to his family punishing him for nothing. It really does suck that this had to happen to him. :'(

Everything (c) Nintendo
Ink Manipulation
Who needs fancy solid weaponry (except for splat guns) when I can manipulate my own ink to create some? Until they taste the blood of my enemies, They will not disintegrate.

Splatoon (c) Nintendo
The Faggotry of Cancer13
Remember me, :iconcansin13art:? Of course you do. Here's a little lesson for you: "Never fuck with a powerful Gmodder! Ever!"
I just preordered a Nintendo Switch with Neon Red and Blue Joy-Cons along with 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" for it, and a Pro controller, and so far, I've gotten two notifications for the system and the game for it from Gamestop. Now I gotta wait for a notification for the Pro controller now.


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